i n e s s a r e n e e

Inessa Renee is a 23 year old, mixed media and acrylic artist who currently resides in the Washington D.C. area. In the last 3 years, she has instructed over 300+ acrylic painting classes throughout several states including Virginia, Kentucky, and Indiana. She has participated in several live painting events, created large scale murals, and traveled across the country to create artwork professionally.

As a color and shine enthusiast, her work is created with usage of reflective paint and assemblage of mixed media with upcycled or re-purposed materials. She has been commissioned to create realistic portraits, album artwork, tattoo design, prints, small and large scale customized pieces. Her work has been displayed in several locations in Northern Virginia as well as Louisville, KY.

She is currently donating 15% of artwork sales to the Sierra Club to help preserve and promote a more protective mindset in how we treat our environment.

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